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Toilet clogged? Over Flowing? Got a leak? Clogged sink/tub? Dripping faucet? Slow drain? Let us help you! Why chose us? 2 reasons: SERVICE & PRICE

Yearly Plumbing Safety Inspection Inspect toilets, sinks and urinals.

Tubs & Drains Inspect faucets Inspect hose bibs Washing Machine hoses and bibs Inspect sump pump and sewage pump Inspect backflow devices to verify need for testing or replacement Inspect water heater for visible signs of leaks or corrosion Check main water isolation valve, water heater inlet valve and hose bib valve(s) Inspect exposed piping Inspect exposed fixture drains.

Commercial Services you Need to run smoothly in every aspect

This is why you should call EMC Plumbing Services right away for all your commercial plumbing needs. We are here to get your business back to normal quickly. EMC Plumbing Services offers comprehensive commercial plumbing services for small, medium, and large businesses in East Montgomery County and the surrounding